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Bobby Christian


Bobby Christian is a multifaceted Business Development and revenue growth consultant. He’s also a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in the high technology industries. Bobby is the founder and chairman of ZapLayer, a managed hosting solution provider offering database monitoring software, hosting, and DBA on demand services.

Bobby is also the founder and current Managing Partner of iMPACT Ventures, LLC. iMPACT is a growth strategy firm which provides financial, advisory and operational services to dramatically increase organic as well as merger and acquisition growth.

Additionally, he currently serves as Director and Chief Growth Officer of Three Pillar Global, where he is responsible for the company’s Business Development and overall growth strategy. During his tenure from 2008 to the present, this company has grown from a small start-up professional services firm to a global trusted partner focused on software product development.

Prior to joining Three Pillar Global, Bobby served as Director and President of Tangible Software, and was the founder and CEO of True North Solutions (now Fishnet Security). This company grew from three to over one hundred and twenty employees before a successful acquisition by American Systems Corporation.

Before founding True North Solutions, he served as an Executive Management team member for Netrex Secure Solutions. Netrex was acquired by Internet Security Systems and then IBM, in one of the most successful technology exits of that era.

Bobby started his career at Andersen Consulting, now known as Accenture.

As a consultant with MBDi, Bobby shares his keen understanding of all aspects of Business Development growth strategy to assist clients in expanding their revenue base throughout all stages of a business life-cycle from start-up, to run and grow maturity.

Bobby graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and serves as the Chairman of the Board for Unsung Heroes, USA. Unsung Heroes is a non-profit organization serving needy leaders in the Southern Region of Africa.

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7422 Carmel Executive
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Industry Experience:

National Security, Defense, Energy, Engineering, Scientific


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