More Than a Simple Sales Assessment, We Evaluate Your Entire Business Development Organization

From Revenue Generation to Educational Needs to Talent Acquisition


Over the past 35 years, we have seen all too often Business Development organizations making quick judgments on what they perceive the issue(s) is. This quick, hurried assessment (often just a quick sales assessment test performed on their personnel) often leads BD leaders down the wrong path, wasting time and resources along the way, and prevents them from achieving the revenue results they desire. While we wholeheartedly believe in the value of swift action, the time spent knowing for sure that the real issues are being addressed far outweighs spending energy and resources addressing “guessed upon” issues or issues that simply do not correlate with the desired final outcome – revenue results.

While we all like to think we can be objective or a quick sales assessment for identify the real issues for low win rates, the danger associated with shortcuts or evaluating your own BD organization’s capabilities is that with you being a part of the organization, you are limited by your own limitations. Face it, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Know Upfront Where to Focus Your Efforts and Resources

In addition to being 100% objective, our consultants are collectively far more qualified than you to accurately assess your BD organization:
  • MBDi has been conducting comprehensive BD assessments for over 30 years specifically in your industry
  • We have conducted assessments on hundreds of BD organizations and know what it takes to drive revenue
  • Our Business Development consultants are former CEOs, managing partners, and senior military officers with depth of BD knowledge and experience coupled with expertise in your industry
  • Our assessors know exactly what to assess, who to assess, how to assess and what to compare the results with to accurately identify your gaps or misalignments and present the best course of corrective action

Business Development Assessments

Revenue Generation
  • Captures your BD organization’s current state of revenue generation capability
  • Takes a holistic view of both your strategic and tactical practices
  • Provides a baseline for comparison against higher achieving BD organizations in your industry
  • Identifies gaps and misalignments in your core capabilities
  • Includes the BD Educational Needs Assessment
Educational Needs
  • Captures your BD personnel’s current state of revenue generation capability including your BD leaders
  • Reviews the operational and tactical practices of your BD organization
  • Provides a baseline for comparison against higher achieving BD personnel in your industry
  • Identifies the gaps and educational needs to improve the overall thinking, discipline, processes, and methodologies to achieve maximum revenue results
  • Identifies gaps and/or misalignments with the primary components we know are necessary to attract, hire, and retain top BD performers
  • Fills any gaps and corrects any misalignments so that your process fully reflects our proven process
  • Once the re-engineering of your acquisition process is complete, MBDi trains your recruiting team to effectively use your new process to hire top BD performers that drive revenue results
  • As your team implements the re-engineered process, we make ourselves available on a coaching basis to provide as needed guidance to get the job done

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I am writing to let you know how much I appreciated the assessment you did for me this year. You and the rest of the team did an exceptional job with the entire process. Your approach, methodology, and interview skills provided me with the insight I needed to evaluate the team and make critical business decisions to improve in many areas. Additionally, your observations were correct and have assisted greatly in addressing some of the challenges brought about by merging the two companies’ cultures into a growth oriented/ revenue generating team. Your people business insights and recommendations were especially astute.

    Executive Vice President | American Systems