No One Will Ever Get Mad at You for Doing Something They Gave You Permission to Do.

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We present this insight in Wining Conversations: Mastering the Art of Business Development and are always surprised by the number of individuals that remark, “Why didn’t I think of that earlier?”

A Business Development Professional learns to be forthright with their prospects and clients. Early in the relationship, they convey what they are aiming to accomplish, ask for permission and then follow through with their plan. What many of us fail to understand is that we are able to take the initiative in a business relationship. In fact, we can drive the agenda, but only if we get the other party’s permission up front. This is the most basic of the Rules, Rights and Responsibilities. You simply ask permission for what you want to do! This must be conveyed in a professional, tactful and confident manner. Remember, you are asking for permission to ask questions, to be forthright, to discuss money, to understand the decision making process and to explore the real problems!

The first challenge of a Business Development Professional is to know what they aim to accomplish on the call, and then ask for permission to proceed. By seeking your client’s permission to ask questions, it will be easier to follow your plan to a successful and prosperous relationship.


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