Business Development Services to Help You Focus Your BD Efforts & Resources

For over three decades, the MBDi Business Development Services Team has placed its focus one hundred percent on improving revenue results. Given this, our Team is highly experienced in transforming BD CULTURES. We identify and correct PROCESSES and BEHAVIORS necessary to drive revenue results.

First of all we will conduct an assessment. Based on the assessment findings, our Business Development consultants will partner with you to chart a corrective course of action. While we have the knowledge necessary to Guarantee Growth, we know that without your teams buy-in, success will rarely be achieved.

The corrective plan may include refining your strategy & planning efforts, designing or tailoring your Business Development process, Client Engagement process, Opportunity Identification and Qualification process, and/or additional areas. Discussions may also focus on your BD team and recommend Business Development training, coaching or professional development to address their identified skill gaps.

In conclusion, MBDi‘s core focus is on the Opportunity Identification and Qualification or pre Capture stages of the BD life cycle. Our Business Development Services team are mostly all deep subject matter experts in Business Development and furthermore many bring a depth of experience working in your industry.

Our Business Development Services include:

  • Strategy Development & Planning
  • Objectives Measures and Initiatives
  • Core Capability and Market Alignment
  • BD Professional Development Plans
  • Strategic Advisory Board Membership
  • M&A due diligence or implementation assistance
  • BD Process Design
  • BD Development and Improvement
  • Implementation Coaching
  • CRM Implementation
  • Mastering Business Development® Workshop Series
  • Corporate Curriculum Development
  • Personnel Training Needs
  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Individual & Team Coaching
  • Recruiting & Candidate Assessment
  • Incentive Compensation Plans
  • Professional Development Plans
  • Position Descriptions

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