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What happens after taking our Business Development Courses:

A quantum leap occurs when a breakthrough takes place in a business development professional’s level of thinking.

Regardless of the individual’s role, be it VP Business Development, Business Development Director, or Account Executive, when that paradigm shifts, incredible things begin to happen. Now suppose you enhance this breakthrough by underlying it with an effective, proprietary Business Development process – proven to work for over 35 years. Next, teach them a few new business development skills, polish some existing ones, and empower them with the essential knowledge every top BD professional knows.

The end result? A competitive powerhouse of top BD professionals who proactively “hunt” for and drive significant revenue results.

For the past 35 years, we have helped thousands of Business Development organizations achieve revenue results thought to be beyond their reach with their existing Business Development team. Our approach consistently works because we focus 100% of our time and attention exclusively on the core capabilities that generate revenue results.

The rest is fluff.

Cultivating the Right Behaviors that Drive Revenue Results

While only individuals can change their behavior, our Business Development consultants and instructors are experts in teaching, training, and coaching all levels of your BD organization to raise their level of thinking in each of the 12 core competencies necessary to drive revenue results.

Through our Business Development courses, this newfound awareness and elevated thinking, coupled with re-alignment of your organization’s primary BD components, transforms BD cultures that manifest in new behaviors that drive revenue results.

Marked behavioral changes you can expect in your Business Development team after our involvement:

  • Improvements in quality and quantity of intel gathered on customer calls
  • More consistent approach to customer calls
  • Better opportunity selection and pursuit
  • Improved focus on client needs in proposals
  • More accurate pipeline forecast
  • Common lexicon to streamline and improve BD communications
  • Higher occurrence of hunting for new opportunities
  • Better prepared for proactive Business Development engagements

12 Core Competencies
of Business Development

These competencies developed over the past 35 years are evident in all high performing Business Development Professionals. In our education and Business Development training programs, individuals learn how to leverage these competencies to understand themselves and their clients on a deeper level fostering win-win business relationships for their organizations, their clients and themselves.

Business Development Courses & Professional Development Services Designed for Individuals and Teams


Gain critical insight into a proven effective Business Development process with MBDi Individual Training. Whether you have been in a Business Development role for years or you’re just starting in a new BD role, these workshops for individuals and small groups will challenge the way you think about Business Development. You’ll learn alongside peers from a variety of industries as you address some of the mechanical and conceptual challenges that may be holding you back.


Open the door to dramatic culture change, advanced customer engagement and unprecedented revenue results with MBDi Business Development training. We’ll partner with your organization to deliver curriculum tailored to your needs, and we can adjust our Business Development courses to match your team’s experience level. Corporate training is for groups of 15 or more.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • In March 2012, MBDi, in coordination with The Spectrum Group (TSG) leadership, developed a two-day Business Development (BD) training course specifically tailored to TSG business requirements and personnel BD experience. The response of our attending membership was overwhelmingly positive. As a result, my assessment is that the TSG pipeline of business opportunities has materially expanded in both quality and quantity. Our revenues and profits now are growing at a healthy pace.

    John S. Caldwell, Jr. | The Spectrum Group
  • MBDi was instrumental in helping me turn around a Business Development Department that had not remained current with evolving Industry trends. Using their proprietary systems, MBDi helped to evaluate the skills, knowledge and ability of existing Business Development personnel to determine both individual and collective training needs as well as suitability for the demands of a new business development model. Using the results of this effort, a comprehensive training plan was instituted and selections made to ensure personnel were matched to the needs of the new model. Additionally, through their consulting service, MBDi helped to develop comprehensive business development processes and procedures to ensure consistent results. Our return on this investment resulted in increasing our maturity level from level two to level four (out of five) and improving win rates from 65% to 98% for re-competes and from 32% to 46% for new business.

    Senior Vice President Business Development | L-3 MPRI
  • MBDi has provided a number of intensive training sessions for our company over the past few years. Their work with us was transforming. They took a team of technical people – new to business development – and changed the way they approach relationships internally and with clients. I credit much of our success to our commitment to the MBDi methodology

    Director Strategic Sales | A Renewable Energy Nonprofit Organization
  • Our revenue doubled with MBDi’s guidance over a four year period. We further expect a 10% increase this year and in 2016 due to their realignment and professional development of our BD organization.

    Sr. Vice President Business Development & CSO | Marotta Controls, Inc.
  • When Larson Design Group made the decision to fully embrace the seller/doer model, we knew we needed a solid training program to guide our people in this direction. Using MBDi Corporate training programs and online reinforcement, Larson Design Group was able to build a culture where the seller/doer understands the sales process, understands our clients and delivers improved customer service. Since the initial training program, Larson Design Group’s sales have increased 25% over a 12 month period.

    Director of Sales and Marketing | Larson Design Group

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