Coaching and Mentoring

Do You Lack the Time or Internal Resources to Provide the Professional Development Your Team Needs To Be Successful?

MBDi’s consultants and instructors are former CEOs, managing partners, senior military officers and Business Development experts who provide deep subject matter expertise in Business Development plus provide real-world experience in your industry. They understand firsthand the pressure to achieve superior revenue results and the internal and external obstacles faced in your industry. Most importantly, they know what works. They know what doesn’t. And they know the clearest and shortest path to get you there.

MBDi offers professional business development coaching to both business development leaders and individual business development professionals.


Coaching for Business Development Leaders

MBDi offers coaching to BD leaders and managers to assist them in developing and leading a proactive consultative business development team to achieve the organization’s revenue goals. BD leadership is a challenging role and even great BD leaders utilize coaches and mentors to complement their BD leadership skills.

MBDi Will Assist BD Leaders To:

  • Understand the 6 tasks of managing business development professionals
  • Analyze your team’s business development maturity and potential
  • Understand the difference between managing sales people and business development professionals
  • Establishing goals and metrics for success within your team
  • Source, interview, evaluate and hire business development personnel
  • Develop the team’s mental discipline
  • Empower the team’s personnel and revenue growth
  • Guarantee revenue results

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching for Individuals

MBDi offers coaching and mentoring services to assist BD professionals achieve levels they would not have been able to achieve on their own. This includes working to identify and overcome mechanical and/or conceptual issues that may be holding them back.

MBDi also provides coaching on specific accounts or opportunities that they are pursuing and may need assistance with. This process begins with an evaluation of the individual’s:

  • Background on how they came in contact with the opportunity
  • Review of the Account, Intel/ Shaping, Contact and Call Plan
  • The cast of characters- who they engaged with (when and how) and where they are in the relationship

With a good understanding of these key components, MBDi will provide recommendations on how to set specific goals and plans to move forward with the opportunity utilizing a Client Engagement Process to engage, gather and shape the opportunity.