Business Development Workshops Proven to Increase Win Rates

The Mastering Business Development® Executive Workshop is an education and professional development program consisting of Business Development courses, which focus on the thinking, process and discipline required for professional Business Development.

Business Development is primarily a relationship development and intelligence gathering process. Participants learn how to leverage the principles of behavioral psychology to identify valid prospects and pipeline opportunities, effectively qualify them and develop win-win business relationships for their organizations, their clients and themselves.

One of several MBDi Business Development workshops, this interactive, participant-centered workshop introduces the MBDi Business Development Process® with its early shaping Opportunity Identification & Qualification Phase and the HUMINT® Client Engagement Process. The MBDi Business Development Process goes way beyond techniques and tactics to provide an integrated and complete Business Development methodology resulting in a dramatic upward impact on revenue generation.

Through the instructor’s use of Socratic teaching techniques, participants will acquire the knowledge, thinking, skills and discipline required to proactively engage clients from a Strategic Hunting, Organic Farming or Program Management perspective. Participants have described our Business Development workshops as career-transforming experiences.



Course Content

  • The competencies necessary to become a Business Development Professional including the thinking, behavior and skills required for proactive client engagement and revenue generation.
  • How to gather the intelligence necessary to identify and disqualify unprofitable opportunities before you invest B&P resources in low probability of win opportunities.
  • The proactive steps of the HUMINT® Client Engagement Process to ensure each engagement with a client delivers the quality intelligence you need to move opportunities through your pipeline
  • How and why clients buy when making sourcing decisions.
  • How to encourage customers to participate in your Opportunity Identification and Qualification Phase rather than being drawn into their RFP process.
  • The difference between goal and purpose-driven Business Development.
  • The basics of utilizing interpersonal human psychology to understand yourself and your clients.

Day 1


The concepts of self-identity and role identity and how to differentiate between goals and purpose in professional and personal life.

Participants will learn how to deal with rejection, risk-taking and failure and gain a better understanding of the importance of leadership, integrity and character in developing business. Participants will acquire a better understanding of the psychology of human behavior and how it applies to their own self-knowledge and understanding of others. This day is dedicated to helping participants recognize the misconceptions they carry—and assist them in unloading those misconceptions to make their business relationships more successful.

Day 2


The fundamentals of the MBDi Business Development Process® and how the rules of the relationship are established.

Participants will learn how to control the client interview process and gain valuable insights into how and why people buy. They will learn the process for qualifying and disqualifying prospects and acquire new skills for diagnosing the issues and motivations that are driving each client. Participants will discover how human behavior is controlled by the hierarchy of needs and emotions and how to harness that knowledge to make them more effective, confident, and successful in their business and personal roles.

Day 3


A proven 4 Phase Client Engagement Process that produces high value, human intel that drives Opportunity Identification & Qualification.

Participants will learn account planning, intel planning, call planning and script development with role playing of specific client calls. They will experience how individuals bond and position in different roles and at different levels within an organization. Participants will understand how to control the decision making process in the procurement cycle and master the skills needed for prospecting, qualifying and closing business. They’ll learn how to overcome the psychological limitations and barriers implicit in developing business and how to successfully integrate these processes and skills into the daily practice of Business Development.

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I am very thankful to MBDi for teaching me how to sell my services. Their professional Business Development workshops are designed to help engineers and tradesmen who may know a lot about their trade but very little about why people purchase the services they have to offer. Utilizing the principles they teach, my sales went from a few hundred thousand a year to several million. I owe this to their training and would highly recommend MBDi.

    Owner, Waters Craftsman
  • MBDi delivers the best training I know of to "get your head fixed" when it comes to understanding customers on any level.

    Worldwide Manager, Nuclear Fuel Mechanics | AREVA, Inc.
  • The system and premise to help prospects with their problems and have true understanding of their business before mutually deciding to do business has enabled us to grow rapidly. MBDi’s process works and has helped me to grow my company's business to close to $100 million in annual sales and my personal book of business to close to $60 million annually. The monthly commission deposits are fun to make!!

    Division Vice President | Amiee Lynn/Leg Apparel
  • Based on my experience building companies, every Business Development professional sent to this training class benefited and demonstrated increased sales, win rates and overall production.

    Chief Growth Officer | 3Pillar Global
  • The training I’ve received with MBDi has provided a completely different, non-traditional model for Business Development. I’m always searching for “PAIN”; weeding through the “no’s” and finding the “yes’s”. I’ve become a “solutions” person for my customers, not a features and benefits person. I’m convinced it works; have referred a number of businesses to MBDi; and am sending my newest Associate to MBDi for training.

    Owner | TFM & Associates, Inc.
  • We built unregulated product sales from zero to $16 million in three years, achieving net profitability in the third year. During that time we put our folks through MBDi, the entry-level workshop, and MBDi, the application level. There is no doubt MBDi training helped us immensely. During the training, gross margin productivity was, at a minimum, doubled each year. Revenues were also doubled.

    Vice President Custom Markets | Florida Power

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