Mastering BD Implementation Series

Mastering Business Development® Implementation Series

The thinking, process and discipline required to successfully master Business Development does not come by attending a one-time training event. If you want to rise to the top 3% of BD Professionals, ongoing professional development is required to implement the skills and principles learned and ultimately drive revenue results.

In an effort to provide highly targeted continuing education opportunities focused on elevating MBDi graduates to the next level of success, we developed the Mastering Business Development Implementation Series. These two highly interactive sessions focus on the critical components necessary to confidently execute a successful business development process.

In each training program you will spend two full days focused on one content area, allowing you to master the content more quickly and become confident in executing the process. These sessions are highly interactive, including considerable role playing, exercises, peer coaching and other interactive activities all focused to assist you in mastering the implementation of the MBDi Business Development Processes.®

Participation in the MBD Implementation Series will reinforce and expand on the key concepts learned in your initial training through:

  • Extensive role–playing, script development exercises, case studies and other scenarios used to analyze your “real-world” business development problems.
  • Increasing your understanding of the MBDBusiness Development Process®.
  • Identifying the conceptual and mechanical limitations that inhibit your personal success.
  • Coaching by seasoned professionals and by networking with industry peers and other individuals with years of business development expertise.
  • The enhancement of your current BD skills and the lasting change which only comes about with ongoing practice and reinforcement.

Courses In This Series Include:


This course will enhance your understanding of how to proactively engage with customers to develop long-term relationships. This is essential in identifying and shaping opportunities early and gathering the required intelligence.


This course will enable you to leverage the principles of behavioral psychology to better understand yourself and your prospects and will help develop an understanding of how to be a purpose-driven Business Development leader.