Leadership and Psychology in Business Development

Good Mechanics for Developing Business Does Not Make Up for Lack of People Knowledge

In our experience working with technical professionals, we have found that “people knowledge” is the most critical knowledge of all. Even if you follow your Business Development process perfectly, the absence of an understanding of behavioral psychology will make it difficult – if not impossible to achieve your goals.

Course Overview:

This course will enable you to leverage the principles of behavioral psychology to better understand yourself and your prospects and will help develop an understanding of how to be a purpose-driven Business Development leader.


The 2-day MBD Implementation Series workshops build upon the broad range of material covered in your initial MBDi training. By focusing on one core content area and utilizing role playing, individual exercises, peer coaching and other interactive activities we provide you an in-depth understanding of the material and the reinforcement necessary to fully internalize and master the content

Course Content:

Leadership in Business Development

  • Understand how the “BE” components of the 12 Core Competencies enable you to lead as a purpose-driven Business Development professional.
  • Understand the importance of balancing individual and organizational mission, purpose, roles and goals.
  • Understand the difference between goal and purpose in Business Development.

Psychology and Understanding Yourself

  • Understand the “KNOW” Components of the 12 Core Competencies and how these affect yourself and others.
  • Identify and address the conceptual baggage that is holding you back.
  • Learn to recognize and correct repetitive, non-productive behavior.
  • Understand how to recognize and avoid “power plays” and “sales games”.

Psychology and Understanding Your Clients

  • Utilize Transactional Analysis to understand your client’s position.
  • Explore the “critical psychological gauges” of how to read the client.
  • Learn how to engage, interview and gather intel while keeping the client “OK”.

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