As Government Contractors, Your Probability of Win is Dependent on What Takes Place Prior to the Capture Planning Stage.

As federal government contractors, knowing the importance of capture planning and capture management is paramount to achieving a higher number of winning proposals. But more often than not, government contractors ignore, dismiss, or simply do not understand the criticality of the role and responsibilities of business development prior to the capture planning stage.

The most critical stage of the business acquisition process is the initial stage prior to the capture planning process

It involves the following:

  • Accurate Opportunity Identification and Qualification
  • Gathering the Right Human Intelligence (HUMINT®)
  • Shaping the RFP versus Chasing the RFP
  • Working an Effective Client Engagement Process (or Customer Engagement Process, CEP, etc.)

Knowing the “what” and the “when” is not enough. Government contractor Business Development professionals need to be experts in executing the “how to”

 As in:

  • HOW to identify the right opportunities
  • HOW to accurately qualify opportunities that will lead to a winning proposal
  • HOW to gather the right human intelligence
  • HOW to shape the RFP in advance so the requirements more closely match capabilities
  • HOW to engage the customer as part of a formal engagement process

And, It’s Not Just About the What, When, and How. There’s Also the Who.

In addition to knowing the what, when and how of the initial stage of the federal government contractor business development life cycle, having the right business development personnel or “who” in place to initiate the federal acquisition process can dramatically impact your capture management process as well as your proposal management process.

If the wrong individual(s) is identifying and qualifying opportunities, gathering HUMINT®, shaping the request for proposals, and engaging the customer, it can potentially have a negative ripple effect through each stage of the entire business development process. The end result? A post proposal submittal review that shows key steps and key information were missed by the individual(s) in the role of business development that lead to a failed capture management plan.

We Train Your Business Development Team to Prevent the Negative Ripple Effect Causing Your Low Win Rates

Pre Capture Planning Training
Pre Capture Planning Training
The best business development training offers your BD team not only knowledge about the “what” and “when” but most importantly the “how” to ensure your capture management and proposal management teams are set up for success before Gate 1 and Gate 2.

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