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Business Development Training Proven to Deliver Unified, Proactive Teams Using the Same Business Development Methodology and Speaking a Common BD Language to Drive Revenue Results

Our flagship Mastering Business Development® Curriculum provides a systematic Business Development program to help your team dramatically improve their revenue results. This curriculum includes business development courses that range from introductory to advanced, including reinforcement and senior Business Development leadership training. Our team training focuses on optimizing each team member’s individual thinking and behavior to level set your team while raising the bar of performance. Depending on your organization’s BD challenges and your professional development classes requirements, your team can complete select business development classes or the entire series.

Common Concerns this Curriculum Addresses:

  • The need for a culture shift to a proactive Business Development, client-centric culture
  • Lack of a robust opportunity identification and qualification (OI&Q)i phase leading to wasted B&P resources and lost recompetes/bids that everyone thought would be won
  • Lack of validated human intelligence to support decision making and disqualify unwinnable opportunities early in the BD/Business Acquisition Process
  • Risk of BD personnel turnover or ineffectiveness due to lack of understanding of the expectations and skills required for success in a Business Development role
  • Lack of a proactive, new Business Development culture driving new revenue growth

For Maximum Results, We Recommend a 3 Phased Approach:


Phase 1:


MBDi understands that each organization is unique, with its own culture, processes, set of abilities and challenges. For business development training to be effective, we must first identify any gaps and misalignments in your BD organization’s core competencies to pinpoint the right education and professional development approach for your team. MBDi can conduct a comprehensive Educational Needs Assessment or take a less intensive assessment approach. Based on the findings, MBDi will determine the best approach to address your needs.

Phase 2:


The objective of Phase 2 is to rollout the Mastering Business Development Curriculum which is modified to address the skill gaps and expectations identified in Phase 1. Attendees will be invited to participate in business development training programs that are aligned with their specific Business Development or Leadership roles. Within this phase, MBDi will also look at what additional professional development is required (i.e. coaching, online reinforcement, etc.) to maximize your return on investment. Courses in this phase include:


  • Empowering Leaders in Business Development®
  • Introduction to Business Development


  • Mastering Business Development®

Phase 3:


Institutionalization and reinforcement is critical to build a high performing BD team that drives revenue results. In Phase 3, MBDi will work with your team to develop a customized implementation plan to establish real and lasting change. This phase typically includes advanced reinforcement business development training for key BD personnel as well as senior BD leadership training. We will also review your personnel, Business Development processes, org structure and metrics and compensation to ensure these components are aligned for optimum success. Courses in this phase include:


  • Mastering Business Development

Leadership Training:

  • Guaranteeing Revenue Results®

Business Development Training

Our Curriculum At A Glance:

The MBDi Commitment to YOU:

Our commitment is to understand and identify your core revenue generation challenges and to help you find and select the best solution for you and your team, whether or not you purchase it from us.

Should you select MBDi as a professional development partner, we will work closely with your team in each phase to make sure our education and professional development solutions are highly targeted to the specific needs of your organization and ultimately drive revenue results.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It….

  • I am very thankful to MBDi for teaching me how to sell my services. Their professional Business Development workshops are designed to help engineers and tradesmen who may know a lot about their trade but very little about why people purchase the services they have to offer. Utilizing the principles they teach, my sales went from a few hundred thousand a year to several million. I owe this to their training and would highly recommend MBDi.

    Owner, Waters Craftsman
  • Our revenue doubled with MBDi’s guidance over a four year period. We further expect a 10% increase this year and in 2016 due to their realignment and professional development of our BD organization.

    Sr. Vice President Business Development & CSO | Marotta Controls, Inc.
  • The training, coaching and consulting work MBDi performed for Leupold from 2011-2014 was instrumental in helping our team develop the critical skills and processes needed to be successful. We created an Opportunity Pipeline, refined our Business Development Process, developed Award Plans, and identified which opportunities should be pursued. These diagnostic tools lead to a 200 percent growth in revenue during the 3 year time period. Furthermore, the MBDi system increased the team’s efficiencies, which reduced cost by an average of 10% each year. The folks at MBDi are an investment, not an expense

    Director of Military Business Development, Leupold & Stevens, Inc.
  • We built unregulated product sales from zero to $16 million in three years, achieving net profitability in the third year. During that time we put our folks through MBDi, the entry-level workshop, and MBDi, the application level. There is no doubt MBDi training helped us immensely. During the training, gross margin productivity was, at a minimum, doubled each year. Revenues were also doubled.

    Vice President Custom Markets | Florida Power
  • MBDi has provided a number of intensive training sessions for our company over the past few years. Their work with us was transforming. They took a team of technical people – new to business development – and changed the way they approach relationships internally and with clients. I credit much of our success to our commitment to the MBDi methodology

    Director Strategic Sales | A Renewable Energy Nonprofit Organization
  • The system and premise to help prospects with their problems and have true understanding of their business before mutually deciding to do business has enabled us to grow rapidly. MBDi’s process works and has helped me to grow my company's business to close to $100 million in annual sales and my personal book of business to close to $60 million annually. The monthly commission deposits are fun to make!!

    Division Vice President | Amiee Lynn/Leg Apparel
  • When Larson Design Group made the decision to fully embrace the seller/doer model, we knew we needed a solid training program to guide our people in this direction. Using MBDi Corporate training programs and online reinforcement, Larson Design Group was able to build a culture where the seller/doer understands the sales process, understands our clients and delivers improved customer service. Since the initial training program, Larson Design Group’s sales have increased 25% over a 12 month period.

    Director of Sales and Marketing | Larson Design Group
  • I hired MBDi as a headliner for a series of "roadshows" my business was running for our distributors. Instead of just training our distributors on our new products, we wanted to inspire them to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to be significant solution providers (utilizing our products). Bill did a great job of setting the stage and providing tools and inspiration for how to identify and cultivate partnering opportunities that could turn into long-term business vs just short-term sales. Our distributors and my own sales team left energized and thought the MBDi methodology was even more valuable than our new product training.

    VP Marketing | BWA Water Additives
  • MBDi delivers the best training I know of to "get your head fixed" when it comes to understanding customers on any level.

    Worldwide Manager, Nuclear Fuel Mechanics | AREVA, Inc.
  • Based on my experience building companies, every Business Development professional sent to this training class benefited and demonstrated increased sales, win rates and overall production.

    Chief Growth Officer | 3Pillar Global
  • My feeling is that what separates your initiatives from your competition is simply that you focus on the longer term results and the development of the basic/solid foundations as a basis for growth, as opposed to all of the ‘quick fix’ stuff that seems to fly around elsewhere. … You are one of few in that field that really delivers on your promises. Without question you have truly helped make the difference here … I’m quite impressed with what your efforts have brought us …

    Salient 3 CommunicationsChairman, President and CEO
  • Our company has benefited from a long-term relationship with MBDi over the last 30 years. They have been a strong partner in the training of our Business Development staff both in the US and worldwide. Without a doubt, MBDi is one of the most beneficial investments we have made in training and evaluating our Business Development personnel.

    Executive VP of Sales & Service, Uster Technologies, Inc.
  • In March 2012, MBDi, in coordination with The Spectrum Group (TSG) leadership, developed a two-day Business Development (BD) training course specifically tailored to TSG business requirements and personnel BD experience. The response of our attending membership was overwhelmingly positive. As a result, my assessment is that the TSG pipeline of business opportunities has materially expanded in both quality and quantity. Our revenues and profits now are growing at a healthy pace.

    John S. Caldwell, Jr. | The Spectrum Group

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