Business Development Strategy

In these turbulent and complex times, the decision to engage Business Development subject matter experts (SMEs) who also possess deep experience in your industry can dramatically increase your odds of having the right strategy in place to achieve significant revenue results.

One misalignment or gap in your strategy or a missing section of your Business Development plan can mean the difference between achieving or exceeding your revenue numbers or failing the mission. If your Business Development Strategy does not accurately answer the question, “How do we win in this market?,” then what you have is hope.

And hope is not Strategy.

Business Development Strategy & Planning that Generates Revenue Results

Specializing exclusively in Business Development and serving only a small select group of industries, MBDi consultants are true SMEs who quickly identify gaps and misalignments in your strategy and planning. Because of our acute understanding of your industry, coupled with deep knowledge of Business Development best practices, we have helped Business Development leaders achieve remarkable, above-market revenue results for over 35 years.

In large firms, we partner with senior level Business Development executives at the business unit level. At smaller firms, we work alongside the CEO, President, or SVP of Strategy. Because our executive consultants have held these same roles, they speak your same language. They understand the nuances of your industry and they understand the mission.

Where Our Focus Lies

Where Our Focus Lies

  • Identifying Hidden Gaps and Missing Components
  • Fundamentals of Corporate or Business Unit Growth
  • Alignment of Mission, Vision, Capability and Market
  • Organization and Resource Planning
  • Individual and Team Development Plans
  • Opportunity and Market Pursuit Assistance
    Top Requested Strategy Services

    Top Requested Strategy Services

    • Organization or Business Unit Strategy Development & Planning
    • Objectives Measures and Initiatives
    • Core Capability and Market Alignment
    • BD Professional Development Plans
    • Strategic Advisory Board Membership
    • M&A Due Diligence or Implementation assistance

      What Our Clients Are Saying

      • MBDi has provided excellent strategic and practical assistance in our efforts to grow a key segment of our business. They helped develop and implement a formal advisory board to bring focus and expertise to this business, and have participated as active and creative members of that Board. Their engagement beyond the advisory board has been targeted to more specific issues, and very effective.”

        SVP and General Council, Crowley Maritime Corporation

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