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60 Insights to Mastering Business Development

By William Scheessele, Kathleen ScheesseleNicholas Coppings

60 Insights to Mastering Business Development

Delivers three decades of time-tested advice on how to succeed in today’s role of Business Development. Written by experts in the field, each insight is offered in a bite size morsel packed with knowledge and actionable steps you can immediately apply. For some, these insights will be new and life-changing. For others, they will provide important reminders of what may have been forgotten on your road to success.


By William Scheessele

Winning Conversations: Mastering the Art of Business Development

“Take Control of your Destiny with a Proactive Business Development Methodology that Guarantees Revenue Results.” Proactive Business Development Professionals generally have no concerns in a changing environment. In a challenging economy, 80% of the business that was available under good circumstances still exists. Those who know professional business development continue to feast, while their reactive competition is waiting for the bid. Mastering the Art of Business Development is the original training book written by William B. Scheessele, the process and principles discussed are as relevant today as they were when this book was written. This book explains the MBDi proprietary and trademarked process and the twelve core competencies of business development professionals including the four cornerstones of business development and how to utilize them to achieve win/win situations for the individual, the company and the client.

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